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With our focus on common cultural denominators, Civic Creatives centers its efforts across five social impact areas to help ensure greater civic equity and progress through its work.

From food to civic technology, education, community development, and conflict resolution, we partner with businesses and communities to generate creative tools, experiences, and services that harness the power of citizens
to create world-changing solutions.

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Civic Tech | Creative Community Development | Food | Conflict Resolution | Youth & Education

Civic Tech & Education

Connected for Justice
Understanding Community Benefit Agreements

We believe that new tools must be developed to help citizens understand, engage, and take leadership of civic policies, practices, and systems that affect their daily lives.

Community Development & Innovation

A Way, Away
Never Been a Time
Arch Grants

We believe art, creativity, and “common cultural denominators” can serve an invaluable role in making change happen within neighborhoods, cities, and other communities. We harness various creative practices that help citizens develop and innovate new ideas for the issues that matter most to them.  

We believe that by disrupting and enhancing the ways the world produces, distributes, accesses, and understands food, we can help improve global nutrition and health outcomes. We also believe food and food gatherings can serve as catalysts that intersect other social causes and help spark greater impact.

Social Division, Interaction, & Conflict Resolution

We believe that current social, racial, economic, and political conflicts around the world can be fixed and addressed through tools, platforms, and practices that bring different people together and foster greater empathy and collective building amongst them.

Youth Skills & Education

We believe young people have untapped potential to be the designers of civic progress. We develop programs and tools that help them unlock creative ideas for change into the world.