The Case for Being #BlackInDesign

With consideration that most public health issues and economic disparities within urban communities affect Black Americans at astronomical rates higher than their counterparts, it is crucial, if not necessary that the insight and involvement of black designers, urban planners, systems thinkers, social workers, and innovators is included and supported in the address of these issues.

The Black in Design Conference will aim to create space for such support and involvement to be considered more widely. Hosted by the African American Student Union (AASU) of Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD), Black in Design will aim to “serve as a call to action for the GSD to instill within each and every student who passes through its doors the responsibility to build just and equitable spaces at every scale.” Extending beyond Harvard’s campus and cohort, Black in Design will “push for a broadened definition of what design means so that it better responds to the lives of those disadvantaged by race, gender, income, and those of other marginalized identities.”

The Black in Design Conference will take place October 9-10 at Harvard University’s Gund Hall (38 Quincy St – Cambridge, MA 02138). 

Learn more about The Black in Design Conference and see its speakers list at Follow them on Twitter (@GSDAASU) as well.

Black design matters. Black designers matter. 

Header image via The Black in Design Conference website.

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