Areas of Impact |

By disrupting and enhancing how the world produces, distributes, accesses, and understands food, we believe we can help improve health outcomes.

We also believe food and food gatherings can serve as catalysts that intersect other social causes and help spark greater impact.

Case Studies | Our Efforts So Far

FoodSpark is a series of monthly, themed, and potluck-style dinner
parties that allow individuals to make connections, start
conversations, spark ideas on social topics that matter to them.

St. Louis Metro Market

The St. Louis MetroMarket is a non-profit mobile farmers’ market that serves St. Louis area food deserts by providing direct access to fresh and affordable produce, meat, and staple goods and by advocating on the behalf of these communities on issues related to food justice, hunger, and health.

Breadwin Bakery

Breadwin is a food enterprise that aims to equip men of color with skills, training, and employment to ensure fatherhood and leadership development.