Securing Justice for All in St. Louis

In the midst of regional uprising following the not-guilty Jason Stockley verdict in St. Louis, Civic Creatives joins Forward through Ferguson (FTF) and 35+ civic and social organizations and groups to hold policy and decision makers accountable to police reform and racial justice.

Grounded by an open statement by FTF’s co-chairs, Rebeccah Bennett and Zack Boyers, we support the following calls-to-action:

Elected officials and those with policy power:

— Leverage the Justice for All Calls to Action of the Ferguson Commission reportprioritizing the 7 urgent policy areas attached to this statement, to develop community-informed and responsive policies that can transform the way law enforcement and courts engage with citizens, especially people of color.

— Let your decisions in the coming days, weeks, and months be real and authentic responses to concerned citizens’ demands and vision for a better St. Louis.

Concerned citizens, organizations, and coalitions:

— Your advocacy, protests, and voices will be the impetus for change. Persist. Remain unflinching in your advocacy.

— Develop a shared vision for true policy transformation. Let’s use the Calls to Action from the report as our roadmap and engage the groups above and below in partnership while also holding them accountable.

Civic, business, and philanthropic community:

— Invest in policy and systems change solutions that address root causes. We cannot continue funding models of the past in the hope of different outcomes. Prioritizing solutions that target root causes will alleviate the challenges our region faces.

— Establish a 25-Year Racial Equity Fund to ensure regional sustainability of the work.

Read the full statement via Forward through Ferguson.

Civic Creatives’s Committment

To contribute to these calls to action, Civic Creatives sets the following goals:

  • Convene a body of citizens to develop visualizations of  what “policy transformation” could look like as it relates to the Justice for All demands of the Ferguson Commission report.
  • Dedicate a portion of our Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 client revenue as a microgrant to a community group or organization whose efforts use creative practices to address policing, municipal courts, racial equity, and
  • Develop greater partnerships with co-signed organizing bodies to apply and integrate human-centered design practices into collective efforts that focus on racial equity within the St. Louis region.

Join us in taking action.

Image via Forward through Ferguson.