Civic Creatives offers a suite of services,
experiences, and tools to help you
tackle social issues you care about.


We champion the following disciplines to help you…

1. Identify Causes

From field engagement to research conduction, we make sure that you and your team know everything possible about the cause that interests you.

As we facilitate the creation of solutions with you, our team helps you develop a blueprint, vision, and roadmap of how to plan and actualize your ideas with the most effective strategy.

We organize various convenings that can help you create space for community members to connect across “common cultural denominators” and engage social topics together.

2. Create Ideas

We help you create and visualize content through a range of design services–branding, publications, digital interfaces, social media, and web design.

We test created solutions with your targeted users and audiences and iterate from what we learn to build the most awesome effort we can for you.

We help the launch process of your efforts–whether it is the development of a tool, building a structure, providing a service, or even hosting a gathering.

3. Actualize Solutions

We connect you to supporters in our network who can help you budget, fundraise, and further actualize your ideas.

We will facilitate the actualization of your community project, program, and/or event. Our team helps to keep initiative’s progress on track and on budget.

Our team helps you evaluate and visualize the impact of your effort during and after solutions are implemented into the field. We dig infographics and report creation, especially.