Sparking Social Entrepreneurship & Change through Food

01. The Brief

FoodSpark is a series of food-based experiences that equip individuals to build connections, start conversations, spark ideas on social topics that matter to them.

02. Cultivating Brave Space for Engaging Social Issues

FoodSpark uses food as a common cultural denominator for organizing communities to address social issues. By bringing people together over a familiar setting—dining rooms, dinner parties, idea cafes—we curate a space that allows the shared experience of eating to serve as a foundation for conversations about hard topics, taboo subjects, and complex issues. Our team has additionally created facilitation toolkits, conversation guides, and hosting platforms that equip community members to transition their connections and conversation into the development of actualizable social interventions and ideas.

03. Catalyzing People Power

Beyond the experience that FoodSpark cultivates through its interactive events and convenings, it also equips community members with the tools, processes, and support to create new ideas and actualize them in their communities. For each social issue it launches for engagement, it additionally funds microgrants to help prototype and pilot community-generated ideas.

04. Info

Services: Website Design, Branding, Experience Strategy, Project Management