St. Louis Metro Market

Repurposed public transit bus to restore access to healthy food.

Project Info

St. Louis Metro Market restore access to healthy, affordable food to St. Louis City food deserts.

The St. Louis MetroMarket is a non-profit mobile farmers’ market that serves St. Louis area food deserts by providing direct access to fresh and affordable produce, meat, and staple goods and by advocating on the behalf of these communities on issues related to food justice, hunger, and health.

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Client: St. Louis Metro Market
Date: 2015-12-31
Services: Design, Art Direction, Branding


How might we help restore access to fresh produce and healthy grocery options to neighborhoods that have been deemed as food deserts?

Saint Louis Metro Market seeks to develop and strengthen its branding and packaging as it prepares for its launch in the St. Louis community. In addition to an updated visual logo, the team seeks a consistent look and feel that will transfer to the design of its first bus wrap, its user experience in the Metro Market, and its web presence.

Key offerings that the St. Louis Metro Market would provide included:

  • Mobile food-to-table solution for food deserts
  • Food demonstrations for healthy meal planning
  • Affordable produce and prepared meals
  • Acceptance of SNAP benefits
  • Corporate subsidization to keep costs low


Fresh. Affordable. Fun. Accessible.

Jeremy brought in our team to help finesse the brand of the market as well as assess its user experience. To do this, we create the logo and logo type for the team while rolling out its initial print and digital brand assets. Working with illustrator, Noah McMillan, we managed the art direction of the team’s first bus wrap design, emphasizing the values of approachability, freshness, and urban aesthetics into its creation.