Tool: One Idea for Justice

Through the Connected for Justice initiative, One Idea for Justice launched as a mobilizing tool at a youth-centered rally that aimed to “elevate the region’s youth voice in an engaging safe and relevant platform to voice their thoughts and ideas, thus turning them into constructive action and justice” in the aftermath of the death of teenager, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, MO.

During the rally hosted at Harris Stowe State University, attendees learned about existing social justice and community organizing groups and heard from young activists on-the-ground about next steps. One Idea for Justice was used to help 122 participants express their individual paths towards justice by responding to the prompt, “One action beyond today I will take for justice…” Each card featured one tangible action and targeted the St. Louis and Ferguson, MO, communities in pursuit of social, political, and economic changes to the issues of police brutality and social inequality.

Responses were collected and posted daily via a Tumblr-based site by the same name, and as a token of accountability, each participant opted to receive emails from the project to hold them accountable to actualizing their ideas and actions.

Services: Social Media, Social Campaign Design, Community Organizing