“The Beautiful Game” of Teamwork

Sports provide insight and inspiration to the way organizations can better manage strategy, develop teams, and achieve success.

Because the heart of sports is dependent upon the team, you can assess any sports league—whether basketball, football, lacrosse, or soccer—and understand dynamics of leadership, management, unity, communication, and more.

The video above shares this through an inside look at the NBA team, San Antonio Spurs. Whereas teams like the Lakers, Miami Heat, or OKC Thunder depend on and emphasize star players like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Kevin Durant, the Spurs highlights the synergy of its team. San Antonio leads the league as the 4th best in assists, 3rd best in points per game, and 3rd best in steals— higher than many of its top rival teams. This is all ascribed to the way its team works: selflessly, collaboratively, and without individual ego.

This video and the ethic of the San Antonio Spurs can be applied to any industry and any type of team. How does your team play its “beautiful game?”

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