Participants across 7 different groups brainstormed 40+ different ways to address matters of race and social justice. With inclusion of elder, adult, and youth voices, audience members voted on two ideas that were chosen for the Story Innovation Lab. The seven ideas pitched from the seven groups include:

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  1. Civic engagement basketball tournament, cookout, and conversations between community members and municipal officials.
  2. Urban social justice retreat center
  3. Youth-led creative arts traveling events
  4. Youth courts (juvenile detention centers) integrated with time-banks to promote restorative justice
  5. City-wide school journal project that would compile youth’s experiences with race and justice and be shared as a story library with other cities.
  6. 2016 desktop calendar (with website) that shares stories, youth art, and organizations’ actions  [that engage race and social justice]
  7. Exhibit about communities in the St. Louis region that have disappeared because of displacement and redevelopment.

The two ideas that audience members chose to further develop include the civic engagement tournament and school journaling project and library.

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